Imagine having X-ray vision that allowed you to clearly see your annuities for what they really are. That’s how clients have described our Annuity Analyzer process. No financial jargon, no hidden fees and no surprises. All too often, we as consumers don’t read all the fine print. It can be long and confusing. When you have an annuity specialist working for you — or as we call them an Annuity Geniuses — you will have someone who can do that for you, and help you understand what you need to know. By analyzing your individual situation and working with your current annuity carrier, your Annuity Genius will take your existing annuity policy and break it down line by line, feature by feature until you understand the policy specifics.

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STEP 1: We will match you up with your own personal Annuity Genius who will work with you throughout the Annuity Analyzer process.
STEP 2: Together, you and your Annuity Genius will fill out the Annuity Comparison Questionnaire. This will help us determine a sort of outline for what you see could be a beneficial annuity for you.
STEP 3: With your help, your Annuity Genius will contact your current annuity carrier. Typically, this can be done on speakerphone in our office. You will need to be present so you can provide the necessary authorization to your annuity carrier. The access is only for the call and is used to determine all of the necessary information about your policy. If needed, we can hold this phone call over conference call from separate locations. (Note: We will not need to contact your current advisor to complete this step.)
STEP 4: Over the phone, you, your Annuity Genius and your annuity carrier will fill out the Annuity Analyzer on the next page of this workbook. You can also ask any additional questions you may have.
STEP 5: Your Annuity Genius will go over the results with you and discuss any other options that may work for you.
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